Angela DiGiovanni | Author of The Virgin Wife ChroniclesAngela DiGiovanni grew up as a melancholy kid, always feeling an old soul and slightly disconnected from the world.  Her teen years and young adulthood were fraught with social anxiety and depression.

Married to her high school sweetheart at 23, she went through a four-year marriage that ended in an annulment.  Since then, a religious conversion, remarriage, struggles with miscarriage and infertility, and losing everything she owned of temporal value in the recent real estate crash.

The one constant in her life has been her love and regard for Jesus Christ, whose hope offers an eternal perspective.  She wouldn’t trade any of the lessons she’s learned from a life of hardship; knowing full well it is our character that matters most and all trials are for our good.

Angela enjoys writing, art, photography, and family history – currently exploring her Italian roots in Termini Imerese, Italy.

She lives with her husband in Northern California, is writing her memoirs and releasing them as an online serial, called The Virgin Wife Chronicles.  She also blogs regularly at

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