We Interrupt This Broadcast…

Angela DiGiovanni | Author of The Virgin Wife Chronicles…yeah, a year later!

How almost perfectly apropos…

Today a friend launched her story online (Birthmother McGee), which inspired me to get back to writing my story.  I left off a year ago, almost to the day.  I only realized this when I pulled up the site to see if I can muster up the next post.

Yes, I’m an idea girl and not a good follow through girl; but part of why I couldn’t make myself continue this story, and why I got stuck a year ago, was because I could not figure out how to tell this story and be respectful to all involved.  Where does my story end and theirs begin?

So here I am with a new resolve to be unstuck – not knowing how, but trusting I’ll figure it out along the way if I keep my mantra ‘be respectful’ playing dutifully in my head.  We all have shortcomings, and I want to be sure that if I’m going to be willing to share someone else’s shortcomings and not only the best parts of them, that I’ll also be willing to share mine.  To stay accountable.  To be responsible with this very personal and delicate story that involve other people besides me.

Something else keeping me stuck over the last year is that I do not know how to organize this story.  Do I want to tell the details from beginning to end?  Do I want to jump around, have flashbacks?  From what space in my life do I want to tell this story?  These are things you are not forced to think about until you sit down to write your story.

In order to work best with the way I tick, I’ve decided to let go of any hard-fast rules.  Since this story is being posted as it is written, I can’t expect myself to write necessarily for what makes the most sense for the readers.  So in an effort to not get stuck, I’m just going to write whatever comes up for me with memory prompts.  This could be from any timeline in our story – dating, married, bliss, heartache.  Wherever my mind goes the day I sit to write, that’s what I’m posting.  When I resisted this before, I’d go without posting because I would tell myself that this part of the story was too random to insert here.

Whatever – I just need to write this story.  It won’t leave me alone.  I can organize it later, after it’s written.